About EOS Asia

  • All-star international team representing US, Europe, China, and Korea.
  • Hardcore technical founders and hackers backed by Y Combinator.
  • Over 15 years of combined server and cloud technnology experience, building and scaling apps serving millions of users.

We will bring world-class technical expertise and international representation to make EOS the ultimate blockchain infrastructure for real applications. More importantly, our goal is to keep EOS a healthy community-driven decentralized prototol, and we will fight anyone who aims to privatize the ecosystem for their own benefit.

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Candidate Information
Name EOS Asia
Website https://www.eosasia.one
Company Location Cayman Islands
Server Location Oregon, Tokyo
Server Type Cloud (Read more)
Employee List View Team
Accounts Telegram, Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, GitHub

DApp Projects

We are dedicated to bringing EOS to the masses. The best way to achieve widespread adoption is through useful, fun, and well-designed products that showcase the best of the EOS platform, as well as tools and resources that support the community.

EOS Pixels

Own a piece of EOS history. A live canvas drawing DApp built on EOS, where each pixel changes hands for EOS tokens. After a certain amount of inactivity, the canvas, with all its painted pixels, will be saved for all eternity and a new canvas will be freshly created.

Website: https://www.eospixels.io

EOS Gems - Collectible Gem Game

Every EOS fan needs a gem. EOS Gems is an EOS-based DApp and blockchain game that EOS Asia will produce, allowing players to trade, fuse, and collect gems. Inspired by Cryptokitties, EOS Gems brings EOS to the masses. Players cultivate and showcase their gem collection, and can fusing gems to create new and unique shapes and effects. To bring the beauty and wonder of EOS Gems to life, the rendering engine and user interface will be custom-built with three.js. Following the launch of EOS Mainnet, we will airdrop EOS Gems to all EOS holders, including a number of rare and mysterious gem forms. Stay tuned!

Website: https://www.eosgems.io

TXT - Traffic Exchange Token

TXT (Traffic Exchange Token) is a revolutionary innovation in the Internet advertising industry. TXT targets the $335 billion market of digital advertising, which currently operates in a black box. Through deployment of event tracking and validation mechanisms on the EOS blockchain, TXT aims to put the power of advertising data back in the hands of the user, remove massive middlemen who take a majority of ad spend, and eliminate fraudulent traffic reporting. The high transaction volume requirements of TXT can only be accomplished with EOS. EOS Asia will provide technical support and advice to TXT.

Website: https://www.txtnet.io

Community Projects


An all-in-one EOS toolkit. Voting, transaction scanner, account scanner, BP scanner, account creation, proxy management, buy/sell RAM, name auction, and more!

Website: https://www.eosx.io


The largest EOS community and the go to place for EOS projects, EOS tokens market cap rankings, EOS news & blog and DApp explorer. EOS Go is also the biggest western media with over 50k members.

Website: https://eosgo.io

EOS Code Academy

EOS Code Academy will provide online training for developers to create DApps and take EOS mainstream.

1. Live Streaming Tutorial Sessions — EOS Asia will invite blockchain developers and industry experts to stream video tutorials through our official website. We will discuss the core concepts of EOS, walk through the EOS codebase, and invite everyone interested in building EOS DApps.

2. Online Courses — EOS Asia will open-source our technical knowledge of EOS and compile them into online courses such as “Building EOS DApps 101” and “How to Run an EOS Block Producer Node”. These courses will be available to everyone for free. As one of the most technically savvy Block Producer candidates, EOS Asia is committed to sharing our depth of knowledge to the community.

3. Community Q&A — EOS Asia will organize community Q&A sessions in our Telegram group at 9 p.m. on 10th of every month. In these sessions, the our team will answer technical questions and share our DApp development experience.

EOS Blockchain Hackathon

EOS Asia will promote the adoption of EOS by hosting hackathon events together with our partners at SegmentFault. SegmentFault is one of the largest developer communities in China and has hosted some of the largest hackathons in China since 2012. The hackathons will take place in four different cities: Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Learn more details at the website

Website: https://segmentfault.com/hackathon-2018


Dafeng Guo, Cofounder

A lifelong technologist with a deep passion for blockchain, Dafeng brings world-class technical capabilities to EOS Asia. As cofounder and CTO of Strikingly, one of the world's top publishing platforms, Dafeng has architected systems that serve millions of users and billions of pageviews. He was named Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP in 2017. As cofounder of Strikingly, he was accepted into Y Combinator's W13 batch. Dafeng has previously developed trading systems and infrastucture at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo. He received his BS in Computer Science at CUHK.

Joseph Fanelli, Cofounder

Joseph graduated from TongJi university with a background in Finance with astute skills in Computer Science. Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music managing large projects and took the helm of conglomerate NIO Capital’s online presence all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia. He is now the founder of EOS Link, member of EOS Go and of the City of Zion. His goal with the EOS Link project is linking the Chinese community to communicate with overseas communities and on becoming Block Producers.

Tyler Diaz - Advisor

Tyler has the distinction of being the youngest person accepted into Y Combinator. He started coding at the age of 12, and sold his first company when he was 16 years old. With experience at Teespring, MojoTech and Strikingly, Tyler has been responsible for developing technical infrastructure for millions of users and hundred of millions of dollars in transactional volume. At EOS Asia, Tyler will be contributing his broad technical skills to teach and inspire more developers to create EOS DApps that reach the masses.